The Benefits of Online Training

Environmental policies and construction safety programs

Online training is a valuable and cost-effective method for continuous education and overall productivity enhancement that provides employees and individuals with well-rounded skills and knowledge to safely perform their duties as well as achieve their career goals and aspirations.

Gone are the days when a company hires an employee, they are shown how to do their job and they never receive any training for the rest of their time with the organization. Today, employees and companies need to grow and learn about safety all the time. This is where online training can help with developing the knowledge and professionalism of workers. There are many worthwhile benefits to offering online courses to your employees.

  • Online Training Encourages Flexibility: Not every employee needs the same type or amount of training. A one size fits all program just doesn't provide the same value as targeted and purposeful courses that are relevant to your workforce. E-learning options allow employees or supervisors to pick and choose the courses that are essential and required for an employee's particular training needs and career path.
  • Online Programs are Easy to Access: A great advantage of online training is that it can be done from anywhere, at anytime. When companies hire new employees, they may require training to be compliant with legal regulations. When you set these employees up with online training, they don't have to wait for the next instructor-led course. They can log-in to the program and get certified quickly. Your current employees can maintain their knowledge and certifications as well. Work may take them to an off shore oil rig, work camp, remote mine, or a ship in the middle of the ocean, but e-learning breaks down these barriers. Courses can be accessed from anywhere in the world through an internet connection.
  • Online Training Saves Your Company Money: Although it's ideal to have a real human teaching a class, this can quickly become expensive! When you book in-class training your company is responsible for covering the cost of the instructor's time and travel expenses for the delivery of the training session. Also, it can be a real inconvenience if you have to pull an entire department, or large group of employees from their regular work to attend training. This can decrease the productivity of your company during that day.
  • Online Programs Allow Employees to Work at Their Own Pace: Your employees are busy. They have responsibilities that they need to attend to and sometimes it's not convenient for them to interrupt their work flow to attend a training session. E-learning courses can fit into their workday as their schedule will allow. When there are times when work isn't so busy, employees can sit down and work to complete an online course at their own pace; no matter where they work, or the hours they keep.
  • Online Training is Engaging: Online programs are so appealing because they have the capability to give a multimedia experience to users. E-learning platforms can combine video, reading, diagrams, and other learning aids that captivate the interest of users. This keeps your employees focused and paying attention to the material they are being presented. When users are fully engaged, they retain more information than when it's presented in a lecture and test format.
  • Online Courses are Updated Regularly: E-learning programs are dynamic; that's because safety laws and regulations are constantly evolving. You need a program that keeps pace and is regularly reviewed and modified to reflect the most up-to-date regulations and legal requirements that your company should meet to keep everyone safe and your workplace a shining example of safety. Online platforms can be easily revised to reflect new information and new standards and can be a valuable resource for new and veteran employees.

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