safety and security services for marine, construction and natural resources industry

Ship Shape Consulting offers a full suite of services to marine, construction and natural resource development companies looking for assistance with safety or security.

This includes development of new safety management system manuals, the auditing of existing programs, the implementation of new online safety management systems and the ongoing management of such programs on behalf of the company. Our experience with major compliance tools such as ISNetworld and ContractorCheck for pre-qualification makes us an ideal partner for developing manuals and programs to improve compliance scores.

We facilitate a practical and hands on approach to safety and security that is compatible with personal values, Ship Shape Consulting builds customer specific solutions that target business goals and work within the existing culture while ensuring compliance to all legal and regulatory requirements. Most of our clients are building brand new safety programs, improving out of date systems or looking for general management assistance in busy times of operation. We will audit companies to identify gaps, building tailored approaches to improving systems based on priorities. This way we manage gradual program evolutions within the company budgets, improving safety and security without overextending resources.

Safety and
Program Management

Ship Shape Consulting offers regular management of safety and security operations, providing supervision, reporting and contractor management on behalf of our clients. We’ve spent years running safety operations, coordinating training and handling the daily tasks involved with safety programs. Our experience with construction, marine and resource development compliments almost any industry sector in Western Canada and internationally.

  • Prime Contractors and Sub Contractor Management
  • Marine Terminal Operations Management
  • Project Safety Advisor and Contractor Safety Supervision
  • Data Management and Reporting
  • Coordination of Safety and Environmental Training

Analysis and

Ship Shape Consulting will provide analysis of safety programs, specific elements of compliance or investigation of specific incidents. This involves proactive and preventative measures in preparation for compliance audits or reactive reviews in the event that a safety or environmental incident has occurred. We also review task efficiency and review programs for potential cost and time savings.

  • Risk Management and Independent Incident Investigations
  • Environmental and Safety Management Program Gap Analysis
  • Job Safety Analysis (JSA) Development
  • Job Hazard Assessment (JHA) Prioritization
  • Task Proficiency Evaluations
  • Behavioral Performance Evaluations

Compliance and

In order to qualify under government or contract requirements, Ship Shape Consulting will review and audit existing programs for various certifications. As lead auditors and experienced professionals, we’ll help identify areas for improvement in safety and security, setting up step by step processes to achieve compliance goals. We have experience with major pre-qualification programs such as ISNetworld and ContractorCheck, developing manuals and programs to assist with compliance.

  • Develop or Update Contractor Pre-Qualification Safety Management System Manuals. (ISNetworld, ContractorCheck, etc.)
  • COR & Safety OH&S 18001 annual maintenance audits
  • Environmental ISO 14001 annual maintenance audits
  • ISPS Port Security annual maintenance audits
  • External COR & Safety OH&S 18001, Environmental ISO 14001 and ISPS Port Security external compliance audits
The Benefits of Online Training

Online training is a valuable and cost-effective method for continuous education and overall productivity enhancement that provides employees and individuals with well-rounded skills and knowledge to safely perform their duties as well as achieve their career goals and aspirations.

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