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online safety management systems

To achieve a compliant workplace, a clean safety record and the highest standard of training is now a common goal in industry worldwide. Government agencies and prime contractors apply continuous pressure for companies to develop, implement and monitor safety awareness programs for their workers. The growing demand for diligent safety training systems and policies occupies a prominent role in business models, and the movement toward comprehensive safety training is gaining momentum in all sectors. As a result, demands on a company’s health and safety programs can present daunting challenges. Efforts to keep up with strict training and compliance standards can tax a company’s time and resources, but the global shift to online safety management systems shows that there is a simple and cost effective solution.

Safety Sync

The New Alternative – Online Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems (OHSMS)

Computer based online safety management is emerging as the system of choice for companies in need of a flexible, accessible solution to compliance challenges. By utilizing an advanced, computerized safety management system, companies of any size in any sector can stay current and compliant without the need for classrooms and instructors and mountains of paper. My conviction is that much like accounting systems in the 1990’s and CRM systems in the 2000’s; all companies will be using computer-based safety programs in this decade. Online safety training programs make total compliance and worker safety easier and more accountable than ever.

With each worker assigned a unique safety portal in the online system, there’s no need to schedule training down time while entire departments sit in a classroom. Workers can access and complete certificate training on any PC individually, with minimal impact on the workforce. Safety teams can now spend fewer hours on coordinating compliance, contract management, pre-qualification systems and endless internal safety meetings and correspondence.

A total, comprehensive online management program eliminates fragmented information storage and collection - all compliance and training data is compiled in one place for easy access. A company’s administrative workload is greatly reduced since an online system manages data collection and analysis, reports, records and corrective actions. Achieving the continuous improvement and incident prevention you strive for requires less time and effort, while yielding optimal results.

Safety Service Driven, People Powered, Safety Software

Safety Sync addresses this administrative burden by combining digital, web and mobile database and communication technologies into a useable online safety management tool. The system is designed to help people work safe through effective record keeping, information delivery, communications and action management. Ease of use and responsiveness are important elements in the design:

  • Access securely from anywhere with an Internet connection
  • Designed for beginner level internet and computer experience
  • Personalized action center detailing all action items assigned to each user
  • Management and query reports to access records and information
  • Automatic notifications on actions and events based on settings

Effective Performance Support

To support key business process and company operations, have a number of features that allow you to configure the system to support your business in the way you would like it to work.

  • Key performance indicator (KPI) tracking based on a set of defined indicators
  • Business process modules supporting multiple activities in hazard identification and control, incident management and employee management (including training)
  • Settings that enable you to specify your own values in drop down menus
  • Multiple security levels to enable you to provide users access only to information based on their role in the system
  • Business rules that direct how notifications are used to inform people of events, expirations and actions
  • Centralized resource library to store documents, forms, manuals, legislation, memos, quality control and toolbox topics.

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