Operations Management Systems for Maritime Industry

We have 30 years of combined hands-on Operations, Safety, and Security Management in the maritime industry. Dedication, high character, job competence and good judgment are traits that have earned us the respect of our peers within the industry.

As a champion for change, Ship Shape Consulting continually searches for new and innovative ways to achieve high levels of productivity and employee morale, without compromising safety. Representing and contributing to the success of your organization is always an honour, with success measured by the positive results achieved. Allow us to supply complete all inclusive Safety Management for your next project.

As we’ve grown to take on a great capacity with larger projects, our custom focused approach has remained the same. Each company is different and requires a unique safety program, something that fits within culture and business goals. By building great relationships with our customers we gain a greater understanding of their needs. The respect we provide our customers and personalized service always results in a better product and more satisfying work relationship.

Safety as Culture

Culture is a representation of a company’s tendencies and attitude, directed by the experience of the team and the strength of leadership. Safety starts in the boardroom and is the business of all hands. The successful adoption of any safety program is dependent on the culture, and our approach at Ship Shape Consulting is to understand a company’s attitude and design systems that are compatible with personal values. Working with existing leadership and team composition, we know what tools and processes work best. We introduce change as if it were a new friend and co-worker whom employees want to welcome and take under their wing. Change is then something tangible to nurture other than resist. People support what they have a hand in creating. “People make people safe."

Safety as Design

There is no one solution for safety and security performance. Each industry and each company is different, so each program must be designed to fit within the capabilities and goals of an organization. Only experience tells you what ways work best, and Ship Shape Consulting has been working with maritime, construction and resources industries for decades. Through our investigation and interview process, we build an understanding of corporate goals and personality. Together we will design a Ship of Safety, Harmony, Integrity and Participation that is strong enough to weather any corporate or personal storm. We set sail on a voyage that will guide your organization to Safe Harbour.