About Us

Environmental policies and construction safety programs

Ship Shape Consulting is an experienced safety and security consulting firm applying a diverse practical knowledge built from years of hands on experience. Our exposure to key industry processes has made us the expert at incorporating safe operations, safe production and safe maintenance programs into a variety of heavy and marine industries.

We consult, implement, manage and train on safety for construction, resource development and marine operations in Western Canada and internationally. Ship Shape builds strategies based on priorities, tailoring custom safety and security protocols that deliver results.

Safety is Your Harbour from the Storm

We facilitate the evolution of participative safety cultures for companies in transition by implementing new systems for start-up businesses or for those seeking improvements to existing processes. Ship Shape Consulting works with the construction, maritime and transportation sectors, applying industry standard that go above best practices such as ISO and COR certifications. Our process begins with your organizations goals; building strategies that target specific improvements your company needs for performance, compliance and qualification.

The Ship Shape Story

Our people all come from a practical background, spending years on sites and in the field applying safety and security from the ground up. Our mandate is to share our accumulated learning, knowledge and experience in workplace safety with our customers and their employees through motivational mentorship. The role of safety has expanded to include compliance, environmental awareness, contractor management, data collection and analytical reporting. Ship Shape Consulting provides depth and diversity in experience, a true full service consultant for safety and security.

Ship Shape - Safety, Harmony, Integrity and Participation

The Evolution of Safety

The importance of safety has never been in question, but the approach we see is often too impersonal and standardized. In our experience each company responds differently to safety and requires a custom approach. Ship Shape Consulting is about understanding site specific culture along with organizational goals, tailoring each project to deliver the best results. Safety Management is not a one size fits all blanket that covers all companies equally; it has to be dynamic and evolve to ensure the program is adopted through all levels of an organization and delivers on business objectives. The route to a “Zero Harm” target is just as important as the target. We are going to guide you to a “Zero Harm” target but together we will enjoy the steps it takes to get there.

“Safety is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives.”

- William A Foster